Since its opening on July 1, 2012, the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital has drawn much attention from the general public in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Its brand new hospital culture and management style brought a patient-centered medical service and modern management model to the Mainland public hospital system, which is considered to be a good example for the nation-wide hospital reform.

Supported by the world-class clinical skills and technology in the University of Hong Kong, the Hospital will establish five areas of excellence and related studies, namely, Reproductive Medicine (IVF) and Prenatal Diagnosis, Cardiovascular Disorders, Oncology, Spine and Traumatology and Organ Transplant. The Hospital was officiated as an affiliated teaching hospital of the University of Hong Kong and its on-going development target is to become not only a modern comprehensive hospital, but also a world-class hospital underpinned by teaching and research.

The International Medical Centre, positioned to provide the best international medical practice to the local and international communities, provides a platform for international medical expert exchanges and promoting best practice and clinical excellence in the Pearl River Delta where many expatriates work and reside with their families.

Since its opening, the Hospital has actively sought for accreditation by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) in its endeavor to promote continuous quality improvement, enhance patient safety and introduce advanced international healthcare management concepts to the Hospital with emphasis on governance, sustained quality improvement and risk management. Through concerted effort of all management and front line staff, the Hospital became the first in China to have obtained ACHS Certification in January 2014 and ACHS full accreditation status for a 4 year period in September 2015, and successfully achieved the National 3A Hospital Accreditation standard in November 2017.

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