Mount Wutong Scenic Area

Covering an area of 31.82 square kilometers and spanning across Luohu, Yantian and Longgang, Mount Wutong Scenic Area is a natural scenic area featuring coastal terrain and natural vegetation and includes eight major sub-areas such as Fenggu Mingqin, Mist & Clouds in Wutong, Biwu Qifeng, DonghuPark and Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. Mount Wutong is known for its long history. As early as in Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wutong Tianchi was recognized as one of the Eight Scenes of Xin'an.

MIXc Shopping Mall
The MIXc is a leader of shopping mall industry in China, which advocates internationalized consumption philosophy, manifests fashion taste and elegant style and leads the totally new lifestyle and consumption trend. In the fashionable palace of more than 200,000 square meters, international brands and top fashions are dazzling, the leisure entertainment and cultural life are colorful and the Chinese and Western food and special catering add radiance and beauty to each other.

Shenzhen Cultural Center

Designed by Mr. Arata Isozaki a master architect famous in the world and consisting of Shenzhen Concert Hall and Shenzhen Library, Shenzhen Cultural Center forms an open space with "Civic Center-Central Green Belt-Mount Lianhua Park" as the urban visual axis.

OCT Harbor

The OCT Harbor is built along seaside. Including a coastal city shopping center, a curved bay, a coconut grove beach, resort cluster and an OCT wetland park, the harbor integrates ecological tourism, cultural creativity, coastal relaxation, fashion & entertainment and theme business into one. It is a wholly new creation and practice adopted by the OCT group in the field of theme entertainment and is highly recognized as the Shenzhen's reception room.

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